Lime crystals and colours combined together.
The result are amazing colour effects
which give a brilliant and shiny touch to the pigment.
A warm, vibrant, pure and deep feeling
where every type and shade of colour is beautifully enhanced.

"vivaldi" system
Colour becomes music,
with endless notes and tunes,
where everybody can be a composer.
The rich range of colours of the Vivaldi system
can extend its art thanks to our Colour Essence:
thirteen pigmented pastes to be added to
Stucky, Assolo, Sospiri and Capricci
for the widest range of tones you might wish.
It’s just a question of amount, proportions and expertise.

Our Colour essence come in pre-dosed packages
of 1/3 of 50ml; 50 ml and 150 ml,
all available in Lemon, Sun, Honey,
Tobacco, Red, Orange, Peach, Fuchsia,
Green, Blue, Zinc, Black and a very bright red called Doge