Environment is not just “the outside”.
It concerns us directly as people responsibly working, within a territory.
For La Calce del Brenta, protecting, 
preserving and improving the environment is a daily commitment.
Our mission is based on our desire of creating environmentally friendly products, which respect people’s health and the future of our environment, with the same consideration which man had for Nature in the ancient times.

we are
the environment

The NaturePlus® certificate is a tangible proof of the company’s commitment
towards the environment. It’s an international seal of quality for highly sustainable building products, which follows very strict standards, superior to those fixed by the European Community.
The certification specifically regards Vivasan limepaint, but the whole plant was fully checked out from an environmental point of view, certifying its reduced consumption of water and electric power, and a healthy working environment. All products are packaged in recyclable containers.


We approximately spend 20 hours a day indoors, where pollution can be almost 4 times more than outdoors. Volatile organic components (VOC) contained inside paints can be one of the main causes of this problem.
La Calce del Brenta is constantly committed in finding new solution for reducing harmful VOC emissions in the air. The labels on each finish highlight in a clear way the level and type of VOC emitted: a very important indication for understanding the quality of the air we breathe every day.

eco-friendly inside