Passion and experience. That’s what is passed on from father to son in the De Toni family. And for almost a century they have gone on mixing these two fundamental ingredients: feeling for traditions and spirit of innovation.

We like to combine naturalness, 
wellbeing, and elegance to the most advanced technological know-how to the ever changing modern living requirements.
In this way we can create original and eco-friendly solutions for people who wish to live in a natural and healthy environment, but still appreciate the beauty of the materials and their colours.
This is La Calce del Brenta philosophy.

beauty comes
naturally to us

The homes and thermal baths of the ancient Romans, the Palladian villas,
the Venetian palaces.
These are just some of our sources
of inspiration, combined with the ideas and works of the most outstanding contemporary architects.
This deep insight and knowledge 
of the world of lime and of the history
of architecture has allowed La Calce
del Brenta to be a protagonist of many exclusive restoration projects.

the past
has never past

Touching with your eyes, walls with never seen colours. New and ancient, at the same time. Breathing a healthier and cleaner air in our homes, thanks to innovative solutions which help protect the environment too.
Feeling on our body the right temperature, in every season.
Fresh in the Summer and warm in Winter, thanks to a revolutionary system which “captures” the air or makes it circulate.
La Calce del Brenta always looks ahead.
For a better life, for everybody.

a life