The Lime

There’s something magic in picking up a stone from the Earth,
breaking it up with the Fire, making it a piece of Art by using Water
and bringing it back to its original strength and sturdiness under the influence of Air.
A building practice and an antique philosophy as old as man.
Empedocles — “Della Natura”

The magic of a river stone cooked and properly hydrated that turns into a really white cream under the expert eye of our family. Earth, fire, water, air. Our lime comes from natural and simple elements, treated with su-perior craftsmanship since more than a century.

Our respect for the environment comes right from our ancient skills that have survived through generations. Lime is an art, which draws from Nature its inspirations and its natu-ral elements, respecting it and taking care of it. People’s wellness is related to the envi-ronment in which they live. Creating genuine products, for us and our children, is our natural way of thinking, and it’s been our guiding philosophy for years. That’s why, still today, we keep on offering biocompatible finishes, beautiful, but most of all healthy.


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